To breathe new life

I am having a hard time putting into words the feeling I have this morning. I think it could best be described as determination and happiness. Happiness?? wow… happiness! This feels good.

Last night my oldest daughter started Girl Scouts. It has been some time since she was a part of something. About a year and a half ago she stopped doing gymnastics. This was both her decision with a combination of my own. Unfortunately funds were low in our family and we had to cut a few recreational activities plus, she was not enjoying it anymore. She would always ask to not go on her gym nights. I decided to stop gymnastics with the full intention that, as soon as finances were back on track that she would join in something. Well, money never got right.

I can almost compare this to families who plan to have a baby…
If you plan for the perfect time to have baby, you will never have a baby because something always happens.

I couldn’t let that stop my kids from joining something. In fact, I believe children MUST be in activities outside of school to keep them focused. Well, after much talk she decided to join girl scouts.  Last night was her first troop meeting. After an hour and a half with her first meeting my daughter ran out of that school happier than I have seen her in a long time. She had made a group of friends and she was on top of the world.

I felt like a new life had swam right thru me. I couldn’t help but smile for my baby girl. We went home and I found I instantly had energy to do things around the house and I was HAPPY.

To see my daughter happy and thriving is one of the most incredible feelings. These are the things we as mothers  must see. When our children are happy, we are happy.

I guess I just wanted to update the world wide web with the fact today – IS A GOOD DAY!